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Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1509TLQ- A-LED 5MP Full-Color HDCVI Eyeball Camera Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1509TLQ- A-LED 5MP Full-Color HDCVI Eyeball Camera
-15 % discount
Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1509TLQ- A-LED 5MP Color HDCVI Eyeball CameraThe Dahua DH-HAC-HDW1509TLQ- A-LED HDCV..
Price: 4,200৳ Price: 3,650৳
 Uniview NVR301-16S3 16-channel NVR Video Recorder16 CH64 Mbps bandwidth supportedMaximum resol..
Jovision JVS-N5022 5.0MP Vandal proof PoE High Quality IP CameraKey Features:• JVS-N5022, Resolution..
Jovision JVS-ND7932-DV – 32-Channel Full HD H.265 NVROnly suitable for IP surveillance cameras, remo..
JOVISION JVS-N510-DS-PE 5MP Metal Bullet Network CameraJovision JVS-N510-DS-PE IP camera comes with ..
Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV 32CH H.265 NVR Features: Support 4K output; Supports 32Ch 5.0M..
Hikvision DS-2CD1047G0-L 4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network CameraHikvision DS-2CD1047G0-L 2MP ColorVu..
Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ 64 Channel NVR Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ network video recorder has 64 chan..
Hikvision DS-2CD1043G0-IUF 4MP Fixed Bullet Network Camera Up to 30m IR NEWFEATURES: High quali..
DAHUA NVR1108HS-8P-S3/H 08 Channel POE NVR Dahua-NVR1108HS-8P-S3/H 8 Channel Compact 1U 8PoE Li..
   JOVISION JVS-ND6610-HD 10CH H.265 1SATA NVRAdopt the new Vstar GUI , easy to operate an..
HIKVISION DS-7208HQHI-K1 8-CH Turbo HD 1080P DVRIt features Efficient H.265 pro+ compression technol..
Dahua PFS3005-4ET-60 4-Port PoE SwitchDahua PFS3005-4ET-60 is a layer two fast ethernet switch, whic..
Dahua NVR1104HS-S3/H 4 Channel Compact 1U Lite H.265 Network Video RecorderP2P remote surveillance, ..
Hikvision DS-7116HGHI-K1 16 Channel HD 1080p Turbo HD DVRHikvision DS-7116HGHI-K1 16 Channel HD 1080..
Uniview NVR302-08S2-P8 8-ch 2 SATA interface 1U 8 PoESupport Ultra265/H.265/H.264 video formats8 cha..
Dahua NVR4416-16P-4KS2/I 16 Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR)Lots of people are using N..
Dahua IMOU Ranger 2 4MP IPC-A42P-D Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt CameraWith 4MP QHD live monitoring and 0~355..

KHONDOKAR ENTERPRISE is one of the most trusted retail stores in Bangladesh. we specialize in selling Security Systems, Access Control, PA Systems, IP phone, Networking Devices, Storage Devices, personal computers, laptops, and other tech-related products ranging from entry-level budget options to high-end models. We also offer services such as CCTV Camera Installation, Access Control Installation, Networking, computer repair, upgrades, and installation of software and hardware. Khondokar Enterprise has knowledgeable staff who can help customers choose the right product for their needs and answer any questions they might have. Khondokar Enterprise can be found in Computer City Center (Multiplan Center) New Elephant Road, Dhaka - 1205, and online. we offer a convenient way for customers to purchase the technology they need and to find the support they require to get the most out of their devices.

Best CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh
CCTV (Closed Circuit) or Cameras work as your eyes and ears. Day or night, criminals and burglars never stop. Home or office - wherever you are your concern for your family and workplace never goes away. CC Cameras offer the best solution to such concerns. Brands like Dahua, Hikvision, Jovision, Uniview, ZKTeco, HIVIDEO, Ezviz, and IMOU are world-famous for durable and high-quality CC Cameras. CC Cameras come in various types that are popular Bullet, Dome, PTZ & Eyeball Camera. Features like Night Vision, Full-Color, ColorVu, ColorHunter, Two Way Talk, Motion Detection, AI, Wireless Access, Waterproofing, HD, etc.


DVR - Digital Video Recorder Best Price in Bangladesh
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device that records and stores videos from analog or digital sources, such as cameras or TV channels. It allows you to watch, pause, rewind, and fast-forward the recorded videos at your convenience. It comes with 4/8/16/32 ports. Some DVRs also have cloud features that let you access your recordings from other devices. If you are looking for a DVR/XVR machine in Bangladesh at an affordable price you are in the right place. Khondokar Enterprise has been selling all kinds of security accessories and DVR/XVR. If you are interested to buy a DVR Khondokar Enterprise will be the best solution for you.


NVR - Network Video Recorder Best Price in Bangladesh
NVR - Network Video Recorder. It is a device that records video from IP cameras and stores it on a hard disk or other storage media. NVRs can also provide advanced features such as analytics, remote access, and backup. Some NVRs can also support Wi-Fi cameras and wireless network connections. If you are looking for an NVR machine in Bangladesh at an affordable price you are in the right place. Khondokar Enterprise has been selling all kinds of security accessories and NVR. If you are interested to buy an NVR Khondokar Enterprise can offer the best price for you.


Best Wi-Fi Camera Price in Bangladesh
A Wi-Fi camera is a camera that can connect to a wireless network and stream video or audio to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Wi-Fi cameras can be used for security, surveillance, or entertainment purposes. Some Wi-Fi cameras are battery-powered and can be placed anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi network. Others need to be plugged into a power source and may require a base station to connect to the internet. Khondokar Enterprise offers a huge collection of Wi-Fi cameras at affordable prices.


Access Control & Time Attendance Best price in Bangladesh
Are You looking for an access control device in Bangladesh at an affordable price? But you could not understand which one to take would be better. Don't worry, Khondokar Enterprise sells the best quality security system devices and many more security-related accessories. The most popular access control & time attendance device brand is Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview, ZKTeco, Virdi, Nitgen, and many more. If you are interested in more security that restricts the Access, or use of certain places or resources in your building, office, etc., an access control system is the best solution.


HD CCTV Camera Packages Best Price in Bangladesh
If you are looking for a high-quality security system for your home or business, you should consider our HD CCTV Camera package. This package includes HD cameras with night vision or Full-time-color IR, a DVR recorder, and all the cables and accessories you need for installation. You can monitor your property remotely from your smartphone or computer, and enjoy peace of mind with our customer support and warranty service.


IP Camera Packages Best Price in Bangladesh
If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor your home or business, you should consider IP CCTV camera packages. IP CCTV cameras use internet protocol to transmit video and audio data over a network, allowing you to access them remotely from any device with an internet connection. IP CCTV camera packages come with everything you need to set up a complete surveillance system, including cameras, recorders, cables, power supplies, Network Switches, Connectors, and software. You can choose from different types of cameras, such as Dome, Bullet, or PTZ, depending on your needs and preferences. You can also customize your package with additional features, such as night vision, 24/7 Color, motion detection, or facial recognition. IP CCTV camera packages are easy to install and use, and they offer high-quality video and audio recording. They are also scalable and flexible, meaning you can add more cameras or upgrade your system as your needs change. IP CCTV camera packages are a smart investment for anyone who wants to enhance their security and peace of mind.


Buy a Hard Disk Drive at the Best Price in Bangladesh
A hard disk drive (HDD) is a device that stores and retrieves digital data using magnetic technology. HDDs consist of one or more rotating disks coated with a magnetic material and a magnetic head that reads and writes data on the disk surface. HDDs are widely used as secondary storage devices in computers, as they can store large amounts of data permanently and reliably. HDDs have several advantages, such as low cost, high capacity, and compatibility with various operating systems and applications. However, HDDs also have some disadvantages, such as mechanical failure, noise, heat generation, and vulnerability to physical damage. We offer the best hard disc and portable hard discs at the most exclusive price in Bangladesh.


SSD (Solid State Drive) is available at the best price in Bangladesh
SSD or Solid-state Drive is the most advanced and common type of drive available for purchase. These drives use solid-state NAND stacks to store data. Unlike a Hard Disc Drive, it does not have any moving parts and therefore delivers consistent performance for a longer time. These drives were designed for high-demanding systems like a gaming PC, Gaming consoles, or Hi-performance Desktop PC. If you want to get an SSD for your Laptop or Desktop PC then there are various brand choices available. Most noteworthy SSD brands are Western Digital, Intel, HP, PNY, Transcend, TEAM, Lexar, SanDisk, Patriot, ZADAK, Seagate, TwinMOS, Corsair, Samsung, Kingston, Apacer, ADATA, Gigabyte, AITC KINGSMAN, Netac, TRM, Dahua, Patriot, Addlink, Dahua, COLORFUL, Teutons, Silicon Power, Walton, Galax, SK Hynix, Hikvision and many more. Visit our shop or online store to purchase your products.


Monitor available at the best price in Bangladesh
The monitor is an output display device in desktop PC that typically comes with a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) but presently its display technology is advanced to LED backlighting. Initially, the function of the monitor was restricted to output for data processing but from the year 1980, it also includes entertainment. The most popular LED and LCD monitors are available when you browse a variety of computer monitors. You will also find specifically designed curved, gaming, touch, and ultra-wide, 4K Monitors in various sizes. Khondokar Enterprise offers the most popular brands such as Hp, Acer, Dell, Phillips, Benq, LG, Samsung, Hikvision, Dahua, Nexakey, Esonic and Asus etc.

Best CCTV Camera & Networking solution in Bangladesh

"Unlock peace of mind and seamless technology with our comprehensive solution services. Our expert team specializes in CCTV camera installation, maintenance, and upgrades to keep your security systems running smoothly. We're also your go-to for networking solutions, ensuring seamless connectivity. Need computer services? Count on us for top-notch support and maintenance. Elevate your tech experience with our trusted solutions."