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Video Balun

Stock Status: Available Model: DH-PFM800-4K
DAHUA DH-PFM800-4K VIDEO BALUN The DH-PFM800-4K is designed to video signal transmission via twisted-pair cable. The device adapts the impedance of coaxial cable 75Ω to the impedance of symmetrical line, ensuring transmission of video signal up to 400m (twisted-pair cable category 5) and elimin..
Stock Status: Available Model: DH-PFM800-E
Dahua DH-PFM800-E 1 Channel Passive HDCVI BalunDAHUA DH-PFM800-E is a video converter used for video signal transmission via a ‘twisted-pair cable’ The set allows to adjust the impedance of 75 Ohm coaxial cable to the impedance of the ‘twisted pair’ cable, enabling correct video signal transmis..
Video Balun CCTV Via Twisted Pairs Adapter HD CVI/TVI/AHD Passive HD Transceiver
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Stock Status: Available Model: VIDEOBALUN
 Frequency response: DC to 60Mhz  Attenuation: 0.5dB type  CMRR: 60dB  Surge protection: 4KV  EDS: 8KV Connectors: Male BNC and "Press-fit "terminal blocks Impedance BNC:75 OHMs Terminal:100 OHMs Working temperature: -10~+70 Degree Storage temperature..
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